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Scottish Motorcycle Club

The Scottish Motorcycle Club is an independent and non-profit-making club open to all who are interested in riding motorcycles responsibly for fun and pleasure in the company of other members and we are delighted to be affiliated members of the British Motorcyclists Federation.

We welcome riders of all abilities (male and female), learners to professionals, scooters to tourers focusing on a friendly evening, half or full day and weekend runs throughout Scotland and venturing further afield around the UK & Ireland and Europe on longer trips.

Our frequently updated website has a separate paid members area which contains details of club runs, photo gallery, links and forum with exclusive content.  We also have a specific Paid Members Facebook group and access to these areas cost just £15.00 per year – a bargain if you ask us!

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Our origins
The Club’s founding member, Arthur Shepherd, formed the Club in February 2000 for disaffected members of a “UK Club”. The Club was formed specifically to appeal to local bikers in Scotland and to offer rides, social events and other benefits, as it continues to do to this day.

The “Scottish Motorcycle Club” name was chosen and registered by Arthur as at the time no other club or organisation had such a name, so why not!! Arthur took it upon himself to establish the Club and increase its membership offering benefits and enjoyable ride-outs to like-minded “local” bikers.

Arthur, and several other “founding members” are still active within the Club to this very day.

Getting Together
Club runs are organised throughout the year but mainly take place March through to November. Any member is able to organise a run, with help and advice always available for those wanting to lead a run for the first time. With a membership that is spread over the central belt of Scotland, club runs take us to all four corners of the country via some weird and wonderful roads with many runs open for all levels of riders. Runs take place and day or time of the week (and weekend) and can be as short or long as the run organiser wants! All runs are posted on the website with an indication of the route, planned stops and suitability.

We make a point of encouraging prospective members to join us on a ‘trial run’, with no obligation or pressure to join the club. You will be made very welcome and will see at first hand how we organise our runs. We use a drop-off system to mark junctions which ensures no one gets lost or left behind so don’t worry if you have no idea where you are going or don’t have a sat nav!

Through the summer months our club night social get togethers tend to take the form of a coffee or chippy run, with a mix of short ride, some good company and banter whilst enjoying some food and drinks. During winter months, our club nights are normally held on the second Thursday of every month and can be at various locations. There is always plenty of time for informal discussions so come along to the next one for your regular fix of motorcycle-related banter and join – you are sure to find a warm welcome, and there is no pressure to come along on two wheels for these get togethers!

Members are also encouraged to submit runs for members (and lead them if possible, but we may be able to arrange someone else to lead if required) and please speak to our Runs Co-ordinator (runs@scottishmotorcycleclub.org.uk) if you have an idea.

How is the Club run?
The club is managed on behalf of members by a Committee consisting various roles including Chairperson, Runs & Events Co-ordinator, Membership Secretary, Meetings Secretary, Treasurer and Web Administrator – you can find out more about our current committee and their contact details on the meet the committee.

We encourage members to submit proposals to be considered at our AGM and once you are established and settled within the Club you may feel you wish to contribute more and you can volunteer to stand for a specific position – we have a wide variety of skills within our membership and the Committee welcome new faces to keep the club fresh with ideas and content.

How much is a paid membership?
Just £15.00 per year – less than the price of a tank of fuel!

Where do you meet?
Historically we have had a monthly Club Night in a set location on the 2nd Thursday of every months but we are mixing it up a little and whilst we aim to still meet up on the 2nd Thursday the venue will change.  During the summer months Club Night is often replaced with a short evening chippy or coffee run.

What’s the best way to get involved?
Register as a “registered guest” on this website and contact the Membership Secretary to find out details of our upcoming events for free.  Come along and then decide if you want to join up for £15.00 per year – it really is that simply OR, if you think this all sounds amazing value and want to sign up now then click here to take out a paid membership (once your payment has been received the Membership Secretary will confirm your membership and grant you access to the exclusive paid members sections.

What do I need for a day on the bike?
Basically a road legal bike and proper biking gear!  The events are usually half day or full day ride-outs, with breaks to take in tea / coffee and nourishment but you are welcome to bring your own refreshments (we have also started “bring your own lunch” runs and these have proved popular, especially post Covid!).

Any specific “kit” required for a ride (off-roading / weekend camping etc) will be noted on the event information on the calendar and emailed to members.

How is a ride-out run?
The event ride-outs are relaxed and guided with a leader and TEC (Tail End Charlie).  You are responsible for your own safety on the day but you should never feel pressurised to ride in a manner that would make you feel uncomfortable. If you have any concerns, before or during a ride, please speak to the run leader, who will welcome any comments or questions.

We adopt the “first man drop off” system to mark junctions as required and this will be explained before the run commences but if you do not feel comfortable taking part in this initially then mention it to the run leader and we can accommodate this no problem.

I’d like to develop my skills – Can the Club help?
If you want to develop your skills such as observation, riding position and lines, bike setup or even basic maintenance, the more experienced members will usually be willing to pass on their knowledge to you, informally, in the course of a day’s riding.

Many of our members have undertaken motorcycle maintenance and advanced riding courses and some are even observers.

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